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“the purpose of life is a life with purpose” - robert byrne

at fundación el cristiano, our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of the people and communities that make our tequila possible. we are dedicated to giving back and supporting those in need, with a particular focus on the children of arandas and the jalisco highlands. el cristiano’s core values of purity, passion and purpose drive our commitment to creating foundatión el cristiano and serve its mission. we partner with local organizations in mexico to create a meaningful and sustainable change through a range of projects and initiatives. some of these projects are listed below.


fundación el cristiano is honored to support casa hogar portal de belen del nino jesus, an orphanage located in arandas, jalisco. The home is a safe haven for approximately 38 children between the ages of 3 months and 18 years old, who are there due to difficult family situations such as parental drug use, incarceration, or the inability to provide care for their children. the orphanage was founded 24 years ago by the mayor of arandas, and we are proud to support its mission of providing a loving and supportive environment for these children.


through the efforts of our partners and team members, we have been able to support the orphanage with much-needed upgrades and repairs, as well as providing a monthly donation to help cover ongoing costs. however, we understand that the needs of the children can be greater than what the monthly funds can cover. as a result, fundación el cristiano has stepped in to provide additional support when needed, including donations of formula for babies, pantry items, shoes, school supplies, and funds for recreational activities such as circus entrances.


we have also recently donated 20 laptops to the orphanage, recognizing the importance of education and access to technology for the children's future success. 


when we were introduced to casa hogar francisco javier “padre charle” an orphanage in the city of tepatitlan, in the highlands of jalisco, we discovered that this orphanage managed by nuns only had 3 computers between them. we immediately bought 20 laptops and gifted them to this orphanage in the hope of not only changing their education and knowledge today, but also in the years to come. 


public school oaxaca

oaxaca is a state in mexico where lives a lot of indigenous people and a lot of them with limited access to quality education. 10 laptops were donated to two schools in the mountains of oaxaca. preescolar franciso i madero & escuela primaria cuauhtemoc.


fundacion el cristiano is proud to support idea, a  center that provides care and consultation to up to 50 individuals with various disabilities. This center serves a wide range of individuals, from 2-year-old children to older adults who face psychometric, psychological, language, and physical challenges. it is primarily operated by dedicated volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time to serve the community, including doctors, teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, and benefactors.


these volunteers offer quality time, working in the kitchen, providing individual classes and therapies, and supporting events to raise funds. we are inspired by their commitment to serving others and are honored to support their efforts.


upon identifying a need to improve the administrative operations of the center, we donated 10 laptops to the administrative team. we believe that this donation will help them to manage the center more effectively and efficiently, enabling them to better serve the needs of the individuals they care for.


at fundacion el cristiano, we believe that sports can help instill a sense of responsibility and commitment in individuals who participate. that is why we are proud to support a local cycling team in tepatitlan that caters to riders of all ages, from 3-year-olds to adults.


for the past few years, we have been providing an annual donation of $5,000 usd to the team. this donation is used to cover the costs of uniforms, competition registration fees (both at the state and national levels), and any other expenses that may arise during the season.


through our support, we hope to encourage the development of a strong cycling culture in the community, promote physical activity, and provide opportunities for individuals to challenge themselves and grow.


we are proud to support local leagues like la bahía that help to foster sports in the youth and provide opportunities for individuals to participate in friendly leagues. We sponsor the minuotauros f.c. team by donating uniforms and paying the registration fees, which allows them to participate in recreational activities and keep the spirit of sports alive.





purity: experience the unparalleled taste of the world's most delicious, additive-free tequila, crafted by third-generation master tequila makers using only the finest blue agave from jalisco's highlands. 

passion: el cristiano was born from a close-knit group of friends' shared passion for tequila and mexico. boasting over four decades of expertise in the industry. we are excited to introduce you to our "el cristiano familia" and share our love for the spirit with you. 

purpose: purpose is a core value for us. we are committed to giving back to the communities that make our delicious tequila possible. our focus is on supporting those in need, the children of arandas, and the jalisco highlands. 

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